Pat Krane started podcasting in 2006, and has over 25 years experience in broadcast and new media, including audio and video production, location services, script writing, vocal performance, project management, marketing, graphics, and community management.

Pat has been a host and producer on over 10 podcasts — most notably of Convert to Raid Presents: The Battlenet News, which has been producing weekly shows since 2011.

He is the owner of Signals Media LLC, and created the Signals Media All Star Network in 2012 as a way to bring podcast listeners together with other quality podcast producers and has gathered together an online community of fierce fans from around the world.

“Over the years, many fans have reached out to me to ask for help in starting their own podcast or live stream. Podcast LaunchPad was created to help simplify things and remove the technical hurdles that new podcasters face when they’re starting out.

If I can help just one person put their focus back on creating great content instead of drowning in a sea of confusing technology, then I know I’ve done something right.”

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